X.SA. Control and signalisation boxes

Explosion-proof control and signalling boxes X.SA. in explosion-protected design serve for manual switching of lighting control alternating and direct current circuits, signalling of operating conditions and meaning of electrical values in areas with the risk of explosion of flammable gases, vapours, dusts and explosives – chemical industry, paint shops, gas industry, arms manufacture, etc.

They are manufactured in several standard variants (especially polyester boxes) divided by usage.

If you do not find the desired box amongst them, we will produce it to order.

Type key:

X (1) SA (2) /JB
X Design X - explosion-proof
L - industrial
1 Dimension type list of all dimensional types can be found below or in catalogue sheet
SA Marking Control box
2 Box material
0 - Al alloy
1 - polyester
2 - stainless steel sheet
/JB Intrinsically safe /JB - marking only for intrinsically safe versions

Example of order code: X20SA1 (explosion-proof control box) or X20SA1/JB (explosion proof intrinsically safe control box) or L20SA1 (industrial control box)

Do not forget to add quantity and type of control elements, terminals and cable glands to possible order.
If you are not sure about the size of the box, we will design it according to specific filling.

Empty boxes (Ex components) can be found here.
X.SA0 Aluminum boxes
  • Al alloy box
  • Powder coated finish
X.SA1 Polyester boxes
  • Glass fibre reinforced polyester box
  • Antistatic design - surface resistance < 109 Ω
X.SA2 Stainless steel boxes
  • Stainless steel box
  • Stainless steel sheet 17 240 (AISI 304)
Technical data

Basic overview

  • Explosion protection II 2G Ex (db eb mb) IIC T6 Gb / II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db *
  • Explosion protection (/JB) II 2G ia IIC T6 Gb / II 2D ia IIIC T85°C Db
  • Zone 1, 2 and 21, 22
  • Ingress protection IP 65
  • Ambient temperature -60°C up to +80°C (max. range)
  • Material aluminium / polyester / stainless steel *
  • * Acc. to specific make
Files to download

User manuals

User manual_X.SA._CZ
Explosion-proof control boxes
pdf 469 KB Download
User manual_X.SA._EN
Explosion-proof control boxes
pdf 595 KB Download
User manual_X.SA._PL
Explosion-proof control boxes
pdf 585 KB Download
User manual_X.SA./JB_CZ
Intrinsically safe control boxes
pdf 524 KB Download
User manual_X.SA./JB_EN
Intrinsically safe control boxes
pdf 601 KB Download


FTZÚ 07 ATEX 0068_X.SA.(/JB)_CZ
Explosion-proof control boxes
pdf 3192 KB Download
FTZÚ 07 ATEX 0068_X.SA.(/JB)_EN
Explosion-proof control boxes
pdf 2739 KB Download
FTZÚ 07 ATEX 0068_X.SA.(/JB)_RU
Explosion-proof control boxes
pdf 199 KB Download

Declarations of Conformity

Declaration of conformity_X.SA.
Explosion-proof control boxes
pdf 123 KB Download
Declaration of conformity_X.SA/JB
Intrinsically safe control boxes
pdf 124 KB Download

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