X551M2 Explosion-proof drive

Explosion-proof stainless steel motor X551M2 serves as a source of rotational movement for devices in areas with the risk of explosion of flammable vapours and gases (e.g.. oil separators, blenders, etc.)

It is designed as enclosure with direct entry. The device consists of a motor flange and a welded drive enclosure made of stainless steel with a certified cable gland. The motor and gearbox are encapsulated inside the IP 68 h2m (20 kPa) enclosure. As a standard, MAXON high-performance high-speed DC motors are used. Other custom built-in motor types can fitted with regard to enclosure dimensions and specifications. Permanently attached flexible cable for motor power supply is an integral part of the enclosure..

The motor is fixed inside the enclosure by four M6 screws of at least 20 mm length at a pitch of 4x90 ° on a 112 mm diameter. If necessary, the spacing of the fixing holes or the entire flange can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Technical data

Basic overview

  • Explosion protection II 2G Ex db IIB T6 Gb
  • Zone 1, 2
  • Ingress protection IP 68 h2m (20 kPa)
  • Ambient temperature -20°C up to +40°C
  • Material Stainless steel

Electrical data

  • Nominal voltage 6, 12, 24, 48, 110 or 230 V AC/DC (acc. to motor)
  • Maximal power dissipation 9,5 W or 17 W (acc. to cable)
  • Maximal torque 4 Nm
Files to download

User manuals

User manual X551M2_CZ
User manual X551M2_CZ
Explosion-proof drive
pdf 306 KB Download


FTZÚ 06 ATEX 0013X_X551M2_CZ
FTZÚ 06 ATEX 0013X_X551M2_CZ
Explosion-proof drive
pdf 1906 KB Download

Declarations of Conformity

Declaration of conformity_X551M2
Declaration of conformity_X551M2
Explosion-proof drive
pdf 86 KB Download

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