X195RP Potentiometer

Explosion-proof potentiometer type X195RP is intended for in particular to control the speed of electric drives by means of frequency converters. The custom potentiometer is stored in a brass, galvanically nickel-plated housing. The brass shaft comes out of one side of the housing, on the other side three conductors of cross section 0,5mm2 with a standard length of 30cm (the length can be changed if desired). It can be used in conjunction with the head typeXRP as Ex component for installation partly outside and inside of Ex „e“, Ex „n“ or Ex „t“ protected equipment in an environment with explosion hazard of flammable gases, vapours and dusts, or in mines with methane.

  • Shaft diameter: 6 mm
  • Shaft rotation 260°
  • With head (X195RP-M) or without (X195RP)
  • Connection 3x loose wire 0,5 mm2

Type key:

X195RP - (1) (2)
X195RP Marking Potentiometer
1 Head material
M - zinced brass
2 Nominal resistance Series of nominal values E6, E12
Example of order code: X195RP-M 4k7 (potentiometer with head) or X195RP 4k7 (potentiometer without head).
Technical data

Basic overview

  • Explosion protection I M2 Ex db I Mb / II 2G Ex db IIC Gb
  • Zone 1, 2 and 21, 22 - SNM 1, 2
  • Ambient temperature -60°C up to +115°C

Electrical data

  • Nominal load 1 W
  • Maximum current in the collector 100 mA
  • Maximum voltage 250 V AC/DC
  • Rated resistance 47 Ω - 2,2 MΩ
  • Resistance curve linear
  • Tolerance ± 10%
Files to download

User manuals

User manual_X195RP_CZ
Explosion-proof potentiometers
pdf 555 KB Download
User manual_X195RP_EN
Explosion-proof potentiometers
pdf 464 KB Download
User manual_X(MB,PB,SV,RP)_CZ
Explosion-proof control elements
pdf 530 KB Download


FTZÚ 03 ATEX 0237U_X195RP_CZ
Explosion-proof potentiometers
pdf 789 KB Download
FTZÚ 03 ATEX 0237U_X195RP_EN
Explosion-proof potentiometers
pdf 789 KB Download
Explosion-proof control elements
pdf 657 KB Download
Explosion-proof control elements
pdf 2548 KB Download

Declarations of Conformity

Certificate of Conformity_X195RP
Explosion-proof potentiometers
pdf 83 KB Download
Certificate of Conformity_X(MB,PB,SV,RP)
Explosion-proof control elements
pdf 185 KB Download

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