Series resistance heating cables

Series resistance heating cables with constant power output have a zero starting current and reduce power supply requirements. The constant power of these cables makes it easy to monitor the current. The cables can provide high heat output, withstand high exposure temperatures and eliminate voltage drops.

Series resistance heating cables Flexible resistance heating cable
Zóna 1, 2 a 21, 22

Flexible resistance heating cables ISK are used where the length of the circuit exceeds the maximum length of self-regulating heating cables. ISK resistance heating cables resist the steam flushing temperatures. They are used to hold the temperature on long pipes or to protect against frost.

Series resistance heating cables Mineral insulated heating cable
Zóna 1, 2 a 21, 22

Mineral resistance heating cables are preferentially used to maintain high process temperatures, provide high performance and high temperature resistance in applications where thermal limit values for insulation on other cables are exceeded.

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