Removable insulation

What is GENERI removable insulation?

Removable insulations are an ideal means of protecting technological devices that require frequent inspection or are in a non-standard or extreme environment, whether in terms of temperature or availability. The great advantage of the removable insulation is the ability to take them down them from the device and install them back whenever needed, without worrying about damage or deterioration. The sleeves are precisely tailored for your application, so you can create unlimited variations in usage, whether it's small valves, manometers, or pipework flue gas insulation on the giant diesel units of the large cruise ships.

Why removable insulation GENERI?

They are made of hi-tech textiles. They are waterproof and non-flammable. They can withstand up to 1200 ° C. They retains their properties even after immersion in water. They can withstand highly corrosive chemicals. They are made of conductive material - they do not indicate static electricity and can be earthed. Ideal for explosive atmospheres. Certified materials ensure the safety of employees, environments and operations. Easy assembly / disassembly without previous experience or isolation training. Installation is can be performed without special tools and can be easily handled by one person.

Advantages over conventional insulation:
Improving working conditions and safety

  • The insulation has no sharp edges
  • There is no dust when installing or removing the insulation

Environmental Protection:

  • No additional waste when repairing / dismantling the equipment
  • Components are not environmentally hazardous
  • They limit the spread of the flame
  • They reduce the need to heat the device before starting
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and consequent emission of COx, SOx, NOx

Noise reduction:

  • Acoustic Insulation - effective noise reduction of 20 to 50 db
  • Improving working conditions to a level consistent with standards

Reduction of heat losses:

  • Heat transfer coefficient λ = 0.04W / mK at 20 ° C
  • The sleeve tightly encircles the device exactly according to its dimensions
  • Quick and easy access to insulated parts of the equipment

Protection of industrial fittings and fittings:

  • From moisture, weather, corrosion, erosion
  • Protection of measuring devices in case of fire
  • The device is tailored, it is possible to install the accompanying heating
  • The protection of space-sophisticated devices is a matter of course

Financial benefits:

  • Return on investment (ROI) 9-18 months, depending on operating conditions
  • Reduce the cost of repairing and maintaining an isolated device
  • Insulating wastes are not formed during the adjustment/ maintenance of the valves
  • Significant shortening of deinsulating and insulating time
  • No special qualification is required for maintenance personnel or special tools
  • Improving efficiency, stability, control and process repetition
  • Easy, long-term and mainly maintenance-free operation of insulating sleeves

We will provide you with the verification of the operating conditions, the measurement of the equipment, the calculation of the heat losses and the return on investment, the introduction of a database of valves and equipment in your plants into the Generi system for quick replacement or the first installation of the insulation.Your first equipment measurement and price offer free of charge.

Typical application of GENERI insulating sleeves:

Valves and flanges Steam connections Industrial equipment
Drain valves Shafts Exhaust systems
Steam and gas turbines Heat exchangers Instrumentation and control
Circulation pumps Backup generator Pressure sensors

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