Process and air heating

Process and air heating Radiator ERB
Zóna 1, 2 a 21, 22

Tube air heater Type D-8500 finds use in heating rooms and other industrial premises. They are applied to platforms, chemical and petrochemical heating plants. Applied in switchboards to prevent condensation in control and instrument panel racks.

Process and air heating SR radiator
Zóna 1, 2 a 21, 22

Radiators SR are compact heaters with high performance designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. They are available in two temperature classes. Available power for those marked with Ex de IIC T4 Gb range from 1500W to 3000W and for Ex de IIC T5 Gb from 850W to 1700W. Both types are also suitable dusty environment.

Process and air heating Immersion heaters

Immersion heaters that are used to heat fluids and gases. Type D-8640, Type D-8660, Type D-8680

Process and air heating Air duct heaters
Zóna 1, 2

Explosion-proof electrical duct heaters are designed for mounting in hazardous areas with a temperature class of T3 and zone classification 1 or 2. The electrical duct heaters are applicable in many areas, such as air handling units, offshore, chemical and petrochemical installations, ship construction and process industry. All heaters are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Process and air heating Specially designed heaters

Specially designed immersion heaters according to customer requirements and specifications.

Heaters designed for INTERTEC-Hess GmbH's safety cabinets.

Process and air heating Heater for pressure bottles

GENERI self-carrying magnetic heaters for pressure cylinders are designed to temper the pressure cylinders, but also to heat e.g. valve assemblies,

Process and air heating Radiating heating panels
Zóna 1, 2

Radiant heating panels for potentially explosive atmospheres designed to heat industrial areas such as warehouses, workshops, assembly lines, paint shops, etc.

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