Universal contact block XBK-GES/16/..

Contact blocks XBK-GES / 16 / .. are used for switching and control of low voltage devices in cabinets with explosion protection type "e", which are installed in areas where the atmosphere may contain a significant component of flammable gases and vapors. They are designed for combination with push buttons heads such as XMB, XPB and XVS or others as alternative or substitution for ZBWE-101, ZBWE-102, ZBWE-1111, ZBWE-1121, ZBE-101, ZBE-102 (e.g. Schneider electric). Contact blocks have two types - NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed) with three possibilities of mounting:

  • to cover lid
  • on base plate / mounting plate / TS35
  • on any side wall

Explosion-proof design:
II 2G Ex db eb IIC Gb

The GENERI universal contact block received an honorable mention in the Zlatý Ampér 2019 competition. In the last photo from the left: Ing. Z. Kinšt (managing director), J. Jasinek (sales representative).

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