L.X. Industrial junction boxes

  • Terminal boxes L.X0 a L.X1

The boxes are designed for installation under severe non-explosive conditions (BNV). They serve for connecting and branching the wires of the high-voltage and low-voltage cable network. These boxes are similar to terminal boxes X.X0 and X.X1. The main difference is their use in industrial applications. The L.X0 boxes are powder-coated aluminium castings, the L.X1 boxes are gray-colored glass fibre reinforced polyester.

  • Terminal boxes L.X2

Because of their robust design and high degree of protection, the boxes are especially designed for installation in demanding industrial plants without the risk of explosion (BNV). It serves for connecting and branching the wires of the high-voltage and low-voltage cable networks. Designed based on the tried and tested series of explosion-proof X.X2 boxes. They are made of stainless steel. The cover of the box is either with stainless steel screws or with hinges and stainless steel lock.

Industrial terminal boxes L.X0, L.X1 and L.X2 are produced according to customer requirements or as equivalent of standard explosion-proofterminal boxes X.X.

Technical data

Basic overview

  • Ingress protection IP 65/66
  • Ambient temperature -20°C up to +40°C *
  • Material Al alloy / polyester / stainless steel
  • * Acc. to specific make a filling
Files to download

User manuals

User manual_L.X._CZ
Industrial terminal boxes
pdf 455 KB Download
User manual_L.X._EN
Industrial terminal boxes
pdf 415 KB Download

Declarations of Conformity

Declaration of conformity_L.X.
Industrial terminal boxes
pdf 86 KB Download

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