D.x. Cylindrical line bushings

Line bushings are used for connecting of electrical respectively optical circuits of two separate parts of ex equipment, usually between instrument part of flameproof enclosure and explosion-protected terminals part, eventually between two flameproof enclosures. Explosion-proof line bushings type D.x. are designed as Ex components used for installation in flameproof enclosures of explosion-proof electrical devices. Line bushings casing creates together with the wall of flameproof enclosure a flameproof enclosure gap.

Specific make of line bushings is given by technical specification on the basis of which we will propose the optimal solution.

V - wire Cylindrical line bushings with strained conductors

D (1) V (2) x (3) (4) (5) / (6)

  • (1)  Case diameter - Ø24, Ø36, Ø41 mm
  • (2)  Conductor quantity - 1 to 25
  • (3)  Conductor cross-section - 0,5 to 35 mm2
  • (4)  Conductor color and quantity
  • (5)  Cable length L1 [mm] (hexagon side)
  • (6)  Cable length L2 [mm] (shaft side)

Order code example: D36V7x2,5 4bk+3bu 300/500

Technical data

Basic overview

  • Explosion protection I M2 Ex db I Mb / II 2G Ex db IIC Gb
  • Zone 1, 2 - SNM 1, 2
  • Ambient temperature -60°C up to +70°C *
  • * This is the maximum range of operating temperatures for all types of explosion-proof bushings. The actual range is given by the type of wires or cables used.
Files to download

User manuals

User manual_D.x._M.x._CZ
User manual_D.x._M.x._CZ
Cylindrical line bushings - Ex components
pdf 266 KB Download


FTZÚ 07 ATEX 0019U_D.x._CZ
FTZÚ 07 ATEX 0019U_D.x._CZ
Cylindrical line bushings - Ex components
pdf 2890 KB Download
FTZÚ 07 ATEX 0019U_D.x._EN
FTZÚ 07 ATEX 0019U_D.x._EN
Cylindrical line bushings - Ex components
pdf 2824 KB Download

Declarations of Conformity

Certificate of Conformity_D.x._M.x.
Certificate of Conformity_D.x._M.x.
Cylindrical and threaded line bushings - Ex components
pdf 84 KB Download

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