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Introduction of GENERI, s.r.o.

Generi, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of electrical equipment for Ex-explosion and industrial areas.
The company was founded in 1993 and currently has up to 50 permanent employees. Products from GENERI, s.r.o. are delivered according to the catalog or are manufactured according to the individual needs of the customer in order to obtain the most suitable technical solution.

The company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2001 quality system and other countries' systems. GENERI owns a certificate for the delivery of its facilities to many Eastern countries. At present, the company has also passed a successful certification for Czech Railways, a.s .. GENERI is also the holder of OBÚ Certificate for installation, operation and maintenance of el. equipment and also for projection of electrical installations. equipment for mining and mining activities.

All the certificates that a company owns are available in the download section and for each product.

The past


Generi, s.r.o., was established on 14th May 1993 by the registration in the Commercial Register of the Regional Commercial Court in Ostrava. Managers and partners in one person were Ing. Zdeněk Kinšt and Ing. Milan Haluza. The first office of the company was a small office and a chemical laboratory, which would be the production of leased premises of VÚPM Žerotínova 60, Šumperk. The company did not have own workers at that point. The main production program was explosion-proof electrical devices and the main objective was to obtain a place under the sun with this range.

Thanks to the organizational changes in VÚPM, we got a notice from the lease and it was time to find a new roof overhead. The new headquarters of the company managed to find from 1st April 1994 in the premises of VÚLV Uničovská Street 46, Šumperk. We have gained large spaces for both construction and administration, as well as manufacturing. We started to employ the first workers. In order to consolidate our position on the market, we established a subsidiary under the leadership of Ing. Josef Gregárk, who became the third partner and executive of the company.

Gradually, new workers started, and recently, large spaces in the VÚLV became more and more tight. The end of 1995 was marked by the natural development of the company, lacking organizational structures and management system. Following the analysis, the prioritization and their gradual resolution of priorities were followed in early 1996. The main priority was to provide new premises for the long-term development of the company and to leave the already insufficient premises in the VÚLV.


We could only take this step with the awareness of the quality human potential in the company and with the awareness of the company's marketing capabilities because it was a very demanding investment event. Generi, s.r.o., established its subsidiary in May 1996 as Generi Slovakia, s.r.o., with its registered office in Kladzany 99, Vranov nad Toplou, in order to successfully maintain and expand its business activities in the Slovak Republic. The company's companion was Generi, s.r.o. and Ing. Branislav Hruška, who was also the only executive.

At the end of 1996, our company had been offering non-explosive Generi and Telemecanique devices, non-explosive Glamox luminaires, Thermon heating cables, Ecosun heating panels, Citel overvoltage protection, Victron backup voltage sources, Aluminum and plastic cabinets Variant. The main customers of the company's production were significant domestic and foreign companies. Between 1996 and 2000, the repairs of the acquired site, including the completion of the building, the construction of the parking lot and the fencing, took place in 2000 and the Generi, s.r.o. has been permanently allocated from the former SP land.

At the end of 2000, the company employed (49) workers at workplaces in Šumperk (42) in Prague (5) in Ústí na Labem (1) and in Hradec Králové (1). For economically unsuccessful development in GENERI SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. Generi, s.r.o. Šumperk, as the majority owner of the business share, bought from Ing. Hruška part of his share. This is by GENERI SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. the sole owner of Generi, s.r.o. Šumperk. Headquarters of GENERI SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. was moved from Kladzany to Malacky at the end of 2000.

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